Meet Kelsey, Avalon's Newest Team Member


Meet our newest Avalon Associate, Kelsey Barber. Kelsey started with us back in April and has been a great addition to the team. Her enthusiasm for the work, speedy learning, and ever-present positive attitude are a few of the many things we appreciate about Kelsey.  That's enough outta me; let's hear from Kelsey! 

Tell us a bit about your work and school background.
While I was in high school, I volunteered at Alexander Mackie Retirement Community. I was brought on as the Leisure Department Activities Leader. I volunteered there for seven months, while their regular Leisure Activities Leader was away on a bicycle tour. It was really fun and I met some really awesome people. Right after high school, I started working at Walmart as a Sales Associate. I worked there part-time for 5 years. I became friends with and learned a lot from my fellow associates. I started at Camosun in 2014. I enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting program. I have completed my Certificate and Diploma in Business Administration and I am now working through my fourth year while I work full-time at Avalon.

What interested you about joining Avalon?
The beer on tap! (No, not really) It mostly was Avalon’s website. It had humor and personality to it and Joe and Paul looked like friendly people to work with. Also, I was really interested to see how Xero worked.

Other than fun times with spreadsheets and numbers, what activities do you enjoy in your spare time?
I like reading fiction novels, playing crib, running (though sadly I haven’t done much of this lately), and hiking. The best place I’ve been hiking was in Hawaii. I hiked down this massive cliff to a black sand beach and it had the most incredible view. 

What was your best purchase of <$100?
This is probably going to sound sappy but a Royal Doulton china figurine. My grandma had left me one when she passed but it was all cracked and broken. I happened to find the same one at a garage sale, so I thought I’d buy. It doesn’t have as much sentimental value but I still love it.

What is your spirit animal and why?
I have no idea so I took a quiz and it said my spirit animal is a deer because I am highly sensitive and have a strong intuition, which I think is true, so I guess I’ll go with a deer!

Lightning Round!

Kirk or Picard?
I’m going to choose Kirk because I like that name and I’ve never watched Star Trek.

Pineapple on pizza?
Yes, load it up!!

Horror movies, yes or no?
I hate them but sometimes I just want a good scare, not often though. 

Crunchy or soft Cheezies?
Ew soft, crunchy all the way!