Why We Love Video Calls

Pros of Video Calls

We love the video call. Died-in-the-wool, true blue, hands down, die hard, huge fans. We have lost a few potential customers over this and I can see why, but when we have evaluated whether we should switch it up and start meeting face-to-face we still love video best. Here’s why.

1. It’s a better way to convey the 411

  • We can easily share our screen to go over a proposal how the software works. In person this always feels really awkward.

  • We can take good notes with action items. Somehow it feels rude to me to bring out a laptop in person to take notes, but I can better split my attention when on a video call and take notes throughout. We love to summarize our calls with an email of items covered and to-dos. This helps everyone keep moving forward.

2. It’s waaaaaay more efficient (and convenient).

  • I like to work from home sometimes, and you probably do too. You also might be on a job site, at your kid’s soccer practice or running late from a dentist appointment. No travel required.

  • We love pleasantries, but they can get a bit distracting in the office. People tend to show up to their video call ready with coffee and notebook in hand. We still enjoy some small talk, but we tend to get to the meat of the meeting a lot more quickly.

  • I have found that it’s still a great way to build rapport. Many of our customers are outside Victoria - I have never physically met them before - but we have strong relationships.

3. The technology is amazing.

  • We use Zoom and absolutely love it. They have mobile and desktop apps, and even have call-in numbers, so you can have the meeting from just about anywhere. No more scheduling your whole day around a trip into downtown Victoria.

  • Another great feature is that we can record all or portions of the meetings so that it’s easy to refer back to action items or demonstrations given during the call.

We still like face-to-face

We don’t think technology is a solution for everything. We value face-to-face meetings -- they build strong bonds, help with credibility on both sides, and don’t require internet -- but for initial and routine calls, video still wins hands down. If you still value face-to-face over a video call, we can do that! There’s a cost associated and two options: book an hour at my office or buy me a beer.


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