Best of the Newsletter: May 2019

Here’s the best of the newsletter from May 2019. . Stats included in Open/Click through/Unsubscribe rates, so you know.

In May, I sent out 4 newsletters:

May 6: Why productivity is so important for business owners: (57%/7%/0%) I explained why I think productivity is just so darned important when you are running a business. It’s so easy to get distracted! I also linked to my Free 5-Day Productivity Email Course.

May 13: Your business, your rules: (58%/13%/0%) Friendly reminder from your local accountant that no one knows your business like you. My fake quote, “here are the numbers I used to win the lottery” got some great feedback via email response. I also linked to some of our favourite books and realize now we need instalment #2 of that post.

May 20: Employee vs. Contractor (61%/11%/0%) Steering back to the practical side, I warned and educated about employees and contractors and what you need to know. Paul recently updated our article on the subject.

May 27: Open Book Management (51%/5%/0.6%): Little known fact that we practice open book management here at Avalon. I always thought I would do that, but Jack Stack’s book The Great Game of Business really gave the blueprint for how to do it right.

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