Meet Jennifer Flynn, Avalon's Friendly Onboarding Manager


When I first spoke to Jenn I could tell that we had found someone who was both passionate about helping small businesses and who would be great at it too!

Jenn is empathetic and diligent, plus her outgoing personality and sense of humour will make it feel like you’ve known her for years.

Thanks to her position as Onboarding Manager, all of the new businesses we work with will have the good fortune of meeting Jenn. Here’s a brief interview so you’ll get to know her a bit too.


Tell us a bit about your work and school background

I graduated from the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba (Go Bisons!) with my commerce degree and majors in Accounting and HR. I did a little dabbling in both fields after I graduated, but ultimately decided I wanted to pursue my CGA. I worked as an Accountant for a retail business in the agriculture sector while I completed my courses. I actually wrote my last CGA exam when my son was 3 months old and I was on mat leave (because I’m crazy?). Most recently I worked as a Finance Manager for a retail company in Winnipeg. Of all the positions I’ve held, I discovered that I love working for smaller companies where I can really see the impact of the work I’m doing. Enter Avalon!  

What interested you about joining Avalon?

I found the traditional corporate world really difficult as a mom with two little kids. I just couldn’t accept the fact that having a fulfilling job and being a part of my kids day-to-day were mutually exclusive. I kept searching for ‘work-from-home’ accounting jobs but never found anything that matched what I was looking for. Then, I stumbled upon an Avalon job posting and I felt like I had found a unicorn. The company values really resonated with me, and after having a conversation with Paul, and learning more about the company - I knew I had found what I was looking for. Now I get to make breakfast for my kids in the morning AND help business owners build their dreams. It’s pretty much my dream job!  

Other than fun times with spreadsheets and numbers, what activities do you enjoy in your spare time?

We love going to our family cottage on Lake Winnipeg in the summer and just being outside exploring as a family. My husband and I love to entertain, so we’ll have friends and family over for pizza or BBQ nights whenever we can. I love to read and stay active even if it's just a quick walk around the block on my lunch break or before the kids get up in the morning. 

What would your friends say is the strangest thing about you?

I laugh so hard I cry ALL THE TIME when telling stories. To be frank, the story in itself will probably not be funny. But at least I can provide some form of entertainment in my delivery.  


If you could time travel and attend any concert, what year would you travel to and who would you go see? 

I hope you know this is an impossible question to answer! I immediately thought of going to Hogwart’s which is neither a concert, or… real. Haha. Lately I’ve been thinking of getting tickets to the WSO (Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra) so I’ll say I’ll travel into the future and go see the symphony!

What was the best purchase of less than $100 that you ever made?

Pictures! I still print off pictures of my kids to frame around the house or put in albums. I love having tangible memories of their lives. 


Is there a little-known Jennifer Flynn fact that you can share?

I dance at my standing desk all the time. Doing it now.


Tiger Beat or Teen People?

Oh man… neither. I don’t think my mom let me read those haha. I was more of a Girl’s Life or Highlights kind of girl.

Pineapple on Pizza?

Is it even pizza without pineappple?

Dogs or cats?

Well I have a cat, so I feel I need to say cat. But it is no surprise that I love dogs… as I was recently spotted taking selfies with the Kwench dogs while in Victoria. 

Favourite season?

Also impossible to pick a favourite. I’m in Winnipeg so our seasons are very definitive, very robust. Right now I’d pick summer - because the long days and hot weather we’ve been having has been amazing. But I also love the cozyness and sense of community that winter brings. You can’t hibernate for 6 months so you have to get out and do things! Get together with people you haven’t seen, or try a new activity. All seasons are my favourite - I plead the fifth!