Meet Samantha - Avalon's Next Top Associate


We are so happy to welcome Samantha Close, our newest Associate here at Avalon. When we first read Samantha’s application, her intelligence and fun-loving personality shone through in her writing. Meeting her in person only confirmed those qualities and we also found out that she’s got a whole bunch of enthusiasm to go along with it! Samantha has a tonne of great stories to tell in-between getting shit done (she may be the fastest task finisher on Vancouver Island)!

Enough from me, here is our interview with Samantha Close, Avalon’s next top Associate.

Tell us a bit about your work and school background

I began my higher education with two years at the University of Victoria in Psychology, until I found I wasn’t enjoying the work. I transferred to a Bachelor of Commerce from Thompson Rivers University, and am finishing up my final year as of 2018.

As far as work goes, before working at Avalon I worked for the Ministry of Children and Family as an adjudicator, helping families apply for child care subsidy.

What interested you about joining Avalon?

My parents are small-business owners, and I grew up over the years seeing their triumphs and struggles. Opening or running a small business shouldn’t be hard, but often it is. With the help from companies like Avalon, this daunting task becomes more accessible to current and future entrepreneurs.

I was interested in joining because I wanted to use my education and experience to help other business owners like my parents, and I saw the value immediately in Avalon’s goal to do so.

Other than fun times with spreadsheets and numbers, what activities do you enjoy in your spare time?

I enjoy watching scary movies, practicing yoga, and playing board games with friends.

What would your friends say is the strangest thing about you?

The fact that I hate butterflies.

If you could time travel and attend any concert, what year would you travel to and who would you go see?

I would go see the original premier of The Rite of Spring (May 29, 1913), by Igor Stravinsky and Vaslav Nijinsky. I love the piece of music, and I think that it would amazing to see both the music and ballet live, as it was originally designed. As well, when it first premiered, the accounts say it caused a riot at the theatre and an uproar from the citizens. My curiosity about what happened - was there really a riot? Why were people so angry over a ballet? - would finally be fulfilled.

What was your favorite cartoon to watch when you were little and why?

When I was little, we didn’t have cable, so my favorite cartoon to watch was Sailor Moon, because it was recorded on VHS. It was my favorite because it was that or Barney, and Sailor Moon is infinitely better than Barney.

Side note: Sailor Jupiter was my favorite Sailor Scout.

Is there a little-known Samantha Close fact that you can share?

I’ve never tried a Big Mac before.


Might or magic?

Magic - might will never allow me fly. Magic might.

What do you have against pineapples on Pizza?

In the words of Gordon Ramsey: “You don’t put f—ing pineapple on pizza

But, honestly, enjoy whatever you like! Even if that happens to be pineapple on pizza.

Narwhals or Rhinos?

Both are real-world unicorns, and I love them equally. But, maybe Narwhals, because they cause more commotions, and swim in the ocean.  

Favourite season?

Television: Season 2 of The West Wing

Weather: Fall

Season(ing): Lavender