The Movies of Avalon

It’s rainy today and kind of grey outside, reminding me that November and December often have less than a handful of sunny days here in Victoria.  So, instead of writing about tax rules or accounting tips let’s have some fun and go to the movies!

I sent out a survey to all of the Avalonians (that might be the first time I’ve used that term in public…) asking about preferred movie genres and asking them to choose a favorite movie of all time.  

Also, because this is primarily an accounting blog, I wanted to throw in some numbers on Avalon’s average propensity to watching movies versus television series.

Television vs. Movies

With HBO and Netflix putting out some stellar TV series, I was curious to see whether people would lean more towards TV shows or movies.

TV v movies.PNG

With a 0 being full preference to movies and 10 being complete preference for TV series, Avalon’s average propensity rating was a 7.14!  Two people were 100% towards TV over movies and the rest fell either neutral or TV leaning.

There you have it, TV FTW.

Movie Genres

Next, I asked everyone to rate their top three movie genres.  I pulled the “main film genres” from and polled the group. Here were the results.


Well that’s not super helpful, so let’s assign numbers to things.

  • First choice = 5 points

  • Second choice = 3 points

  • Third choice = 1 point


I guess we’re nerds who like to laugh?  This is not a shock to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Favorite Movies

Finally, I asked everyone to choose a favorite movie and give a short explanation of why they chose it.  It’s pretty difficult to choose a single favorite movie of all-time, but here is what Avalonians chose on this particular day.  

We’re going to leave these as anonymous answers and see if you can guess who chose which movie.  To help you get a sense of who is who, you can read more about us here or if you’re super keen, I’ve linked names below to our “Meet ____” articles where possible.  

The survey participants included:

And the answers in no particular order:

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - it never gets old and is too funny!

Blade Runner - I love the film noir setting of the movie and the ambigious ending which left the viewer much to think about once the movie was over.

The Shining - I love creepy movies, and movies that are both beautifully shot but make you feel uneasy, and the shining does both.  Also, this movie created both a documentary about the perceived meanings (a serious analysis of the film) and a Simpsons episode about it (The best treehouse of terror) what more could you ask for?

Top Gun - The classic 80's music, the cheesy lines (I'll hit the brakes and he'll fly straight by), and driving things that go very fast. I saw it when I was a teenager.  My brother and I used to recite the lines to each other.

The Producers - Despite my affinity for Sci-Fi and Action, it's the best musical ever.

The Big Lebowski - It's just so damn funny and... layers.

Wayne's World - It's hilarious. I watched it with my dad which is a good memory, and the humour still holds up today.

If you can guess who is who, write it in the comments.  Here’s a link to the survey so you can take it too.  If you think we got the TV over movie preference or genres all wrong, weigh in and tip the scales!

Thanks for reading!

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.