It’s all about getting to know you

We’re excited to be the trusty guide on your entrepreneurship journey. But getting to know you is a little journey of its own.

We find it’s helpful to see how we navigate, so that you never feel lost.

The Journey


Breaking the Ice

We’ll sit down for a call to get to know your business, your goals and how we might be able to achieve them.

Not ready to reach out quite yet? We’ve got some free stuff: Check out Joe’s newsletter, our free guides, or our courses.


The Proposal

We’ll gather some information from you via a form. Our initial meeting is pretty free-flowing, so this will ensure we get the full picture from you so we can build a meaningful proposal. We then sit down for a meeting to customize a proposal for you and your stage of business.



Once you accept your proposal, the wheels will be in motion. We’ll get you set-up with your new accounting system. Depending on the service-level you have selected, we’ll customize your training and onboarding so you’ll always know what you have to do.

Onboarding can take up to 90 days depending on the level of service you select - we don’t cut corners and will keep you in the loop throughout.


Meet your team

We’ll introduce you to your Avalon services team. You’ll always know who to reach out to with questions. You’ll now have a system that works every time to get you the information and peace of mind you need to grow your business.

The Destination

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is at the foundation of all that we do. How can you have good outputs if you don’t have solid inputs, amiright?

DIY or BYO Bookkeeping: Many of our clients have their own bookkeeper or want to do their bookkeeping themselves. That’s great! We can be your bookkeeping manager: fielding questions from you or your bookkeeper, providing tips and keeping a tab on things to make sure everything is up to date.

Monthly Bookkeeping: We keep your books up to date on a monthly basis. We’ll jump into your account and reconcile your transactions. We’ll shoot you a list of questions if we are missing documents or haven’t seen the transactions before. Because you’ll have the same team month-to-month, we’ll build knowledge on how you run. We don’t ask the same question twice. You’ll receive a monthly financial report outlining your performance.

Weekly Bookkeeping: We can also take a more integrated role in your business. With weekly bookkeeping services, we can help you manage your cash flow, post and pay bills, invoice and collect payment from your customers. You’ll receive a weekly cash report with accounts receivable and payable detail.

Sales Tax Filing: Once we have your bookkeeping up to date, we can file your sales tax and let you know how much (and how) to pay. You’ll have lots of notice, no surprises.

Year-end Package: You might come to us just needing bookkeeping services and already have an accountant that does your year-end filings. That’s good! We’ll reach out and make sure we know what they’ll need to efficiently complete your year-end (hopefully saving you money and time).

Accounting Services

Corporate tax and related filings: We can file your corporate tax (T2). As a licensed CPA firm, we can provide your “Notice to Reader” financial statements. We take a holistic approach to make sure your personal and corporate tax situation is integrated. We’ll reach out proactively to make sure you are covered.

Have a complex tax situation? That’s cool, we’ll play quarterback with our network of tax experts to ensure they have all the information they need to swoop in and get your best tax outcome.

Accrual-Basis Reporting: If you want to up your management reporting, we can take your accounting to the next level. If you have a board of directors to report to or are next-level financially-savvy yourself, this is the service for you. Your dedicated CPA Manager can prepare accruals on a monthly basis to ensure your reports portray comparable information from month to month.

Budgeting and Forecasting: Want to make your success inevitable? We can help you build a forecast for the year and compare it against your performance to help you achieve your goals.

CFO Services

We believe every entrepreneur deserves a CFO. We’ll meet you where you are and help you get to the next level.

Level 1: All of our packages include quarterly check-ins on your goals and your progress. We’ll help you understand where you stand financially and where you can improve. We want to hear about your obstacles, so we can help you tackle them. We’re also here for any question you can throw at us: try us!

Level 2: If you have included accounting services in your package, we’ll be reaching out quarterly for your goals meeting. We’ll dig deeper into your financials to look for areas of improvement and opportunity.

Level 3: We have a proven method for strategy development. We’ll show you the same system we use here at Avalon to grow your business with intention. We’ll meet annually for our strategy session, set quarterly priorities and check-in monthly to keep you moving towards your ultimate goal: building the business of your dreams.

Let’s just say that you’ll enjoy expert advice on how to achieve your goals. We don’t operate in a vacuum: we know you are balancing a million variables on your path to success.

Our promise as your guide

We’re adaptable

We know how quickly things can change with your business. If you need to upgrade, downgrade or pause your services, just let us know - we’ve got your back.

We’ll be understanding

We know you are busy and always respect your time.

We’ll over-communicate

You’ll know what’s happening and where you stand at all times.

We Educate, not dictate

We understand that finances are just one (important) aspect of your business. We’ll speak your language.