Episode 1: Building a community of collaborators with Tessa McLoughlin

Show Notes:

This is the very first episode of the Avalon Podcast. This first episode is with Club Kwench founder Tessa because 1: I know her personally and felt comfortable interviewing someone I knew for the first episode and 2: she is an inspiring human being who just happens to be building a pretty amazing business.

Tessa founded Club Kwench in 2016 based on the idea that people need connection now more than ever. Taking co-working to the next level, her vision is to create a multi-location culture club that includes connection with community, learning, and making surrounded by inspiring design.

Tessa is a true connector and community builder. She makes it seem effortless, but I have seen her at work and she is a magician. Always finding the right balance of using her vibrant personality to connect people and then slowly backing into the bushes to community build organically.

In this episode, Tessa digs into her outback Australian roots, her community-building genesis and what inspired her to start the next generation of co-working space. Tessa also talks about how the support people like Nicole Smith (@flytographer Founder & CEO) spurred her on to get through some early challenges.

Since this is our first episode, we would especially love your feedback! The standard start, stop, continue feedback would be great. Thanks for listening!