Customized + Fixed Pricing

Our packages are designed to be customized to meet your business’ current and future needs. Small businesses are constantly growing and changing - we’ll create a solution just for you.

We’ll also decide on a package together before you ever see a bill and we promise you will never get one you didn’t see coming.

these are a few real examples of businesses we work with.

(Stages are base on our Entrepreneur’s Roadmap)

+1. Concept

"Pre-launch planning"

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+ 2. Launch

WHO? "Let's get this off the ground" ~$0-100K Annual Revenue

Start-up software development services business. Just incorporated with minimal revenue out of the gate, but good industry contacts and ready to strike out on his own.

Goal: to build the company he always wanted to work for.


This business owner wanted to start things right from the start. Doing business development and the actual technical work meant he needed bookkeeping systems that were set-up correctly. He was willing to do the bookkeeping himself to save some money, but didn’t want to waste time going down training rabbit holes and solution finding. He also wanted some support when needed.



  • Accounting system set-up (Xero with Receipt Bank and Harvest integrations)
  • Payroll consultation (deciding to pay 100% dividends in year 1)
  • Evaluation on whether to incorporate now or later (now)
  • Training on how and when to do the bookkeeping


  • On-demand Xero support with dedicated team
  • Monthly review of bookkeeping for accountability
  • Quarterly goals meeting with CPA
  • Annual financial statements and corporate tax return
  • Xero and Receipt Bank subscriptions


The owner decided to add a partner to fill in some gaps in his skill set. We worked closely with the corporate lawyer to ensure everything was done just right. Cash flow has improved and they have decided to upgrade their services so they can focus more on business development and getting the work done. We now do the bookkeeping on a monthly basis and all periodic filings like GST.

Anything else?

LAUNCH is also a very handy option for businesses with in-house bookkeeping. You can use the Support level bookkeeping so your bookkeeper has someone to ask questions to. We’ll also check in to make sure it’s all getting done (properly).


  • Set-up (One-time fee): $750
  • Ongoing Monthly: $350

+ 3. Focus

WHO? "What is my core offering?" ~$100K-250K Annual Revenue

Hardgoods e-commerce company. It's a one-man-show with some contract workers to fill in a few repeatable tasks. Admin work is (self-admittedly) not his strong suit - he has a family and fun things to do!

Goal: To be worry free about the accounting side of his business and focus on what he loves: product testing and improvements

FOCUS? The last company he founded got big quickly amd he realized he wanted a simpler business. However, keeping track of receipts, reconciling bank accounts and filing GST returns was not his idea of a fun Friday night and things got out of hand quickly. He wants to design, build and ship the best products he can, while maintaing a balanced lifestyle.

THE SOLUTION: This owner's main goal was to keep things simple, so that's what we did. We proposed a solution to set-up the bookkeeping and accounting so that we had access to his systems and could get all the information ourselves without having to hassle him for documents. We also did a quick training session on how to submit receipts and set-up auto-forwarding of bills and invoices from Gmail to Receipt bank so he didn't have to forward any of these to us. The information flows with minimal human intervention on his side.


  • Accounting system set-up (Xero with Receipt Bank and Shopify integarations)
  • Catch-up bookkeeping and sales tax filing
  • Payroll support (showed him how to pay himself in 5 mins per month)
  • Training on how to submit his receipts via the mobile app


  • Monthly bank reconciliation with follow up on missing receipts
  • Monthly profit and loss report
  • Quarterly goals meeting with CPA
  • Quarterly GST returns (filed and notified of payment amount and due date)
  • Monthly PST Returns (filed and paid)
  • Annual financial statements and corporate tax return
  • Xero and Receipt Bank subscriptions

THE RESULT: After the initial set-up and catch-up was complete, he now has complete comfort that the compliance side of his business is taken care of. He knows he has a good product and has a great niche so he can turn up sales whenever he wants with additional social media advertising. He can focus on enjoying developing new products in the field without the worry of how it's going to add up.

Anything else? FOCUS is a great option for incorporated solopreneurs that want to outsource their finance function.


  • Set-up (One-time fee): $500 set-up + $600 in catch-up bookkeeping (billed hourly)
  • Ongoing Monthly: $510

+ 4. Foundation

WHO? "Set the stage for growth"~$250K-$500K Annual Revenue

A boutique shop with huge street cred. This partner team has their niche down and the sales to prove it. Now they need the systems and processes in place to scale the business. Goal: To wow their customers with a system as gorgeous as their wares.

FOCUS? Bring their financial information to the cloud to support faster reporting. They wanted to see the results of their campaigns reflected in their financial statements. It was imperative to be able to look at the business from a high level once per month and trust the information.



  • Convert their system from a desktop application to a real-time cloud-based platform (Xero) that would also support future integrations with their POS and online ordering platform
  • Set-up the new system to integrate with phone-app receipt capturing
  • Train the owners on how to dig into Xero to get the information they’re looking for


  • Monthly bank reconciliation with balance sheet and income statement reporting
  • Quarterly goal meetings with their CPA
  • Unlimited access to their team
  • GST and provincial sales tax filing
  • Yearly financial statements and corporate tax return and a meeting to make sure they know what it all means
  • Xero and Receipt Bank subscriptions

THE RESULT: This team has sky-rocketed even while their stress levels have plummeted. By getting the information they need when they need it, they are making informed decisions about their growth. They are now implementing a custom online ordering software that will integrate with XERO. They decided to change their year-end date and we sat down with them to evaluate whether that would be a good idea (it was) and made it all happen seamlessly.

Anything else? Many of our customers will stay in the FOUNDATION service level indefinitely. It scales well for many business types.


  • Set-up and Conversion (One-time fee): $1,500
  • Ongoing Monthly: $680

+ 5. Scale

WHO? "Grow to sustainability" ~$500K-1M Annual Revenue

B2B SaaS company with $40,000 in MRR. They were battered and bruised to get to this point - Accounts receivable was high and increasing, bills were stacking up and some government filings were behind.Goal: To clear out past mistakes and set the stage to hit $100K in MRR.


The bookkeeping had been completed in Xero, but the information wasn’t reliable. Payments had been assigned to the incorrect invoices making customer statements impossible. There were unmatched receipts and no clear indication of what was truly owing to key vendors. They needed to start turning those hard earned sales into cash.


Set-up (Clean-up):

  • We would need to re-do some of the old bookkeeping in order to match payments to the correct invoices so that we could confidently send customer statements and start collecting receivables.
  • Then we would get payables under control: who we owed, how much and who to prioritize payment to.
  • Lastly, we would rejig the system to make sure we didn’t fall into the same trap again: all purchases would be discussed before commitments were made!


  • Weekly bank reconciliations, including a cash, AR and AP report with comparisons to the previous week.
  • Bi-weekly meetings to prioritize and attack AR and prioritize payments to vendors.
  • Monthly management reports to investors.
  • Compliance: GST & PST returns, payroll support including T4 filing.
  • Year-end package preparation for their review engagement.
  • Quarterly goals meetings
  • XERO and Receipt Bank Subscriptions


They still have a ways to go before being fully caught up, but now have a clear picture of who owes them what and have been actively following up on AR with confidence of information. The next stage of growth is just around the corner and $100K in MRR now seems like an achievable goal.


  • Set-up and Conversion (One-time fee): $2,500
  • Ongoing Monthly: $1,720

+ 6. Thrive

"Time, Money, Purpose" ~$1M-5M Annual Revenue

We'll build a customized package that will give you the reports, guidance and peace of mind you need to take your business to the next level.


  1. Free Guide: We have compiled a set of articles about setting yourself up and filing your income taxes and GST. This is a great DIY option.
  2. One-on-one Training: We set up an hour long meeting to show you the ropes. This should give you a great launching point to file your own taxes/GST. Cost: $250
  3. Do it for you: We can file your taxes for you and manage the whole process. Cost here ranges from $700-$1000.

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