Customized + Fixed Pricing

Our packages are designed to be customized to meet your business’ current and future needs. Small businesses are constantly growing and changing - we’ll create a solution just for you.

We’ll also decide on a package together before you ever see a bill and we promise you will never get one you didn’t see coming. Below are a few real examples for different sized businesses we work with.

+ Launch


Start-up software development services business. Just incorporated with minimal revenue out of the gate, but good industry contacts and ready to strike out on his own. Goal: to build the company he always wanted to work for.


Needed to start things right from the start. Doing business development and the actual development work meant this owner needed to make sure bookkeeping systems were set-up correctly. He was willing to do the bookkeeping himself to save some money, but didn’t want to waste time going down training rabbit holes and solution finding. He also wanted some support when needed.

The Solution:


  • Accounting system set-up (Xero with Receipt Bank and Harvest integrations),
  • payroll consultation (deciding to pay 100% dividends in year 1),
  • evaluation on whether to incorporate now or later (now),
  • training on how and when to do the bookkeeping.

On-going: On-demand Xero support with dedicated team, quarterly goals meeting with CPA, monthly review of bookkeeping for accountability, annual financial statements and corporate tax return

What’s included? XERO and Receipt Bank subscriptions, unlimited XERO support and training with one of our bookkeepers. Year-end filings and meeting with CPA. Unlimited access to CPA & bookkeeper for questions.

The Results:

The owner decided to add a partner to fill in some gaps in his skill set. We worked closely with the corporate lawyer to ensure everything was done just right. Cash flow has improved and they have decided to upgrade their services so they can focus more on business development and getting the work done. We now do the bookkeeping on a monthly basis and all periodic filings like GST.

Anything else?

LAUNCH is also a very handy option for businesses with in-house bookkeeping. You can use the Support level bookkeeping so your bookkeeper has someone to ask questions to. We’ll also check in to make sure it’s all getting done (properly).


One-time fee: $750

Monthly fee: $350

+ Grow

Who? Businesses with revenues between $150-350k

What’s included? LAUNCH + monthly bookkeeping, monthly custom reports, GST/PST filing.

Add-Ons? Tax returns, financial statements, payroll setup & training.

Anything else? GROW is great for businesses that are getting established and starting to focus on growth.

+ Thrive

Who’s it for? Businesses with revenues of $350K - $2M+

What’s included? GROW + weekly bookkeeping, weekly reports, bill and invoice management.

Add-Ons? Tax returns, financial statements, payroll setup & training

Anything else? THRIVE can scale! We’ll create a custom solution to cover all of the back-office accounting functions for your business including paying your bills, invoicing and collecting payments, board packages and weekly reporting.

Okay, but how much does it cost?

We’ll customize a package just for you. You’ll pay a fixed monthly price and receive a high level of service from our dedicated team. Question? Crazy idea you think you should run by your accountant? Yep, we’re here for that!

All of our packages are priced together with you. We don't bill by the hour, so you will never get a bill you didn't see coming and we will never charge you for an email or a phone call. Why? Because we want you to reach out to us with questions. We set the fee up front so that we can focus on other things  -namely helping you build a successful business (and life). To give you an idea, our packages start at $200 per month.