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Sweet Impressions

“Small potatoes.”

That’s precisely what Aynsley Rosin felt her business was to the large accounting firm she was working with. She just couldn’t get answers to her questions quick enough, and she wasn’t receiving any sort of detailed advice or insight based on her numbers.

And Aynsley is someone who understands the importance of detail. Her business, Sweet Impressions - which she runs with co-owner Krista Robertson - has been making beautifully decorated, intricate, and downright delicious sugar cookies, cupcakes, and wedding cakes in Winnipeg since 2008.


Wayward Distillation House

Dave and Andrea Brimacombe had huge plans for their retirement. “Wouldn’t it be great to build our own distillery?” they mused. They could picture it: They’d create and sell small-batch, handcrafted spirits, and throw open the doors for tours and tastings in the heart of the Comox Valley. Yes, once they’d called it quits, that’s precisely what they’d do.  

But then something rather unexpected happened.