Your business is our passion.

What gets us up in the morning? Helping you achieve success. Really.

We started Avalon because we believe that small businesses deserve a better deal. More small businesses will thrive if they have the right advice, support and service when it comes down to dollars and cents. That’s where we come in.


Get your Time Back

If you are doing your own bookkeeping and accounting, what could you be doing instead? Our goal is to give you the time to focus on the things that are impactful to your business or personal life.


Always ready

Whether you are going for a round of financing or applying for a loan, you need your financials ready. We update your records monthly at a minimum and are savage task masters, so we'll keep you up date for anything that comes down the pipe.


We’re Tech-Savvy Problem Solvers

Our customers look to us for ideas and solutions when it comes to their day-to-day operations. Inventory, cash flow, you name the challenge and we’ll help you conquer it.

peace of mind

As a business owner, the last things you need to be worried about are filings and remittances. We've got your back.


Fixed Pricing

We use fixed pricing so you can pick up the phone or schedule a call with us without having to worry about hourly billing. You will never get a bill you didn't see coming. We're accountants you'll want to talk to.


Better Business Decisions

We provide you excellent, up-to-date reports about your business to help you make effective decisions. We don’t just give you data, you’ll receive customized reports, analysis and friendly expert advice from your CPA.

The Team

Joe Collins, CPA, CA 

Joe’s enthusiasm for helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams is written on his sleeve. This is the guy you want to have in your corner when you’re grappling with a tough decision or need a high-five for a big win. He’s also a bit of an expert on productivity and focus. He’d love to tell you more.

The best part about my job is lifting the burden of ‘keeping up the books’ off the shoulders of busy entrepreneurs. Time and again, we meet business owners who are burning themselves out doing it all on their own. It’s awesome when we can step in and give them back some freedom and peace of mind.
— Joe

paul sharpe, cpa, ca

Paul’s clients all say the same thing. They feel so much better after getting his advice. His steady demeanor and ability to look ahead to provide sage financial guidance is legendary. Paul is also our go-to for advice on employee and client education.

The best part of my job is coming up with creative solutions for the problems that face our clients. Whether it’s technological or a simple business function, it feels great to remove roadblocks for business owners so they can thrive.
— Paul


Jon is Avalon's trusty ticking clock. He is always on the ball and always willing to lend a hand. When he's not crunching numbers, Jon can be heard around Victoria playing his trombone.

My mission is to help my clients achieve their goals with clear and meaningful financial and tax advice. I love seeing my clients succeed.
— Jon

Mark Barron, CPA, CA

Mark’s easy-going manner and diligence has been a hit with Avalon’s clients. He’s always thinking ahead and finding new ways to be useful. When Mark is not reviewing numbers and analyzing reports, you’ll find him on the slopes of interior BC slaying some fresh pow.

I love providing useful information and insights to help business owners continue to develop their businesses and themselves.
— Mark
Jennifer Flynn

Jennifer Flynn, CPA, CGA

Jenn grew up in friendly Manitoba and it shows! Her outgoing personality and sense of humour will make it feel like you’ve known her for years. Jenn is diligent in her work and always goes the extra mile to make sure that clients are well taken care of. When she’s not working to improve accounting systems, you can find Jenn adventuring with her husband and two superstar children.

Connecting with business owners, hearing their “why”, and being able to share a little piece of building their dream is why I love what I do. I’m passionate about ensuring clients feel comfortable and supported.
— Jenn

Kelsey Barber

Kelsey sets the bar high with a combination of work ethic, attention to detail and ability to learn quickly. Kelsey has quickly earned the trust of all the clients she works with by being proactive and responsive. All of this while she is studying to become a CPA.

With the guidance of my team, I am learning how to support small businesses with timely information so they can succeed and reach their goals.
— Kelsey

gavin lin

Gavin has quickly earned himself a reputation as a task master. When he looks up from his work it's usually only to make a quip before setting back to his to-do list. He embodies Avalon's light-hearted professionalism. In his 'free' time he is working towards his CPA designation.

I am passionate about understanding the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. With that knowledge, I am learning to support them by providing timely financial information and advice.
— Gavin

Samantha Close

Sam grew up with small business-owning parents, so she knows a thing or two about an entrepreneur’s life. She is quickly gathering the knowledge to help our clients grow a thriving business. Sam is working towards her CPA designation while learning to cook the world’s cuisine (in alphabetical order).

Being able to help businesses thrive, making business owners’ days easier, and enthusiastically supporting entrepreneurs to achieve their goals is why I love doing my job.
— Samantha
Khine Thwe

Khine Thwe

Khine grew up in Burma and has lived in Singapore, the UK and Canada. Khine’s diverse experience, work ethic and intelligence pair excellently with her caring and thoughtful personality. When Khine is not expertly organizing financial transactions, she can be found cooking up a storm and volunteering at her church.

I am passionate about helping small businesses by understanding their goals and building professional, long term sustainable relationships. I aim to provide exceptional client service.
— Khine

Our Values

Ingenuity - We find inventive solutions to problems.

Enthusiasm - We care and show it.

Reliability - We do what we say we are going to do.

Collaboration - We succeed and learn together.

Focus - No squirrels allowed.

Alacrity - We bring a brisk and cheerful willingness to all we do.

Buffoonery - We value the ridiculous and amusing.

Empathy - We seek first to understand.