What We Offer

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Reporting that matters to you. Key performance indicators, cash flow analysis, and financials as frequently as you like - board packages too.                                            

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Total team integration. We're tech savvy, so we can communicate with you and your team in the way that works for you. Slack? check. Asana? Check. And much, much more.

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Year-end financial statements, tax returns and other tax filings as you need them. Not sure about what you need? That's what we're here for.

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Bookkeeping. We use Xero, so your books are always up to date and accessible by you. We do it ourselves because we want it done right. You deserve it.

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Payroll, bill paying, follow-up on receivables. We can do that too. Did we mention we are your accounting department?                                                       

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Totally paperless. We care about the environment, plus it just makes sense. We ride bikes too.


You are good at what you do and so are we. As a business owner, your time is precious - don't spend it bookkeeping and filing GST. Ring the cash register.


Always ready

Whether you are going for a round of financing or applying for a loan, you need your financials ready. We update your records monthly at a minimum and are savage task masters, so we'll keep you up date for anything that comes down the pipe.

peace of mind

As a business owner, the last things you need to be worried about are filings and remittances. We've got your back.


on your side

All our packages come with unlimited access to your team (bookkeeper and CPA). Because we use all-inclusive pricing, you will never get a bill you didn't see coming. We're accountants you'll want to talk to.

We partner with small Canadian businesses in all stages of their growth cycle. What do we mean by small? We mean 1-25 employees and between zero and $3 million in annual revenue. Many of our customers will outgrow us, which is all in the plan! When you are ready to onboard your in-house accounting department, we will be there to make the transition as smooth as possible.


For businesses that have humming operations, but want more access to their business information and someone on their side. We have a proven package of applications that integrate with others tailored to your sector. 


Just starting out and looking to scale? We can start you on an easy to manage package that covers your basic compliance needs and still have a team on your side when required. As your requirements increase, we are happy to add more services so you can continue to focus on what you do best.


We understand how hard it is running your business by yourself. We have two packages that will meet the needs of most freelancers - incorporated or not. Break the ice to find out more.