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Welcome to pain-free payroll

Yes, it is possible. No more stress, excessive time, swearing, hair-pulling and brutal CRA penalties. Imagine a seamless online payroll system. Picture automation, withdrawals, direct deposits and all deductions remitted. This is not a dream; this is us and Wagepoint. Read on.

Avalon helps with payroll

If you're looking to fully outsource your payroll or just need a hand with payroll setup and support, Avalon has got your back. We offer full service payroll for Canadian businesses so you can focus on what you do best.  

Perks of following the rules

Upskilling your payroll ensures employment standard compliance and makes your life easier. It simplifies employee management, along with ROEs. Staff can enjoy real-time access to their information, pay-stubs and T4s through online portals to better manage their lives.


Wagepoint is our go-to online payroll software. It is intensely user-friendly. Employee deductions are calculated and remitted to CRA on your behalf. Pay is automatically withdrawn from the business account and direct-deposited into employee accounts. Buh- bye CRA late fees.

Payroll setup and support

Just looking for a little support? Let us set up your payroll right so payroll is simple and error-free every time. Once you're set up, we are available by phone, email or video call to support you and answer any questions. Don’t want to handle payroll? Yes, we can do that too—all the admin, in fact.

A new addition!

Well, congratulations! Adding a team member is an exciting period of adjustment. We collect all the personal details, set the new hire up in the payroll system and train them to locate their pay stubs and T4s. One less thing to think about—beautiful.

So long, farewell, adieu

When team members move on, we’ll file the forms, update the programs and support you to ensure compliance and tie up any loose ends so that you don’t have to. That way you can focus on the next steps for your crew and your business.

Everything T4s

Come year-end, leave the T4s in our keen and capable hands. We promise you, it feels pretty great to hand that task off, and we do it right. T4s are processed electronically and sent to the CRA, and employees can access their documents through their online portal. Hands-free for you!

On their permanent record

A Record of Employment (ROE) is filed when employees quit or are laid off or let go. We also do that for you. Leave it to us. This opens up your capacity to engage with your business and explore staffing options.

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