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Corporate Tax and Accounting

Let us tend to your year-end

Year-end accounting does not have to hang over your head. Give it to us; we love it, and we’re pros. Let us handle your corporate tax, GST/HST, PST and RST filings on your schedule. The only surprises you may encounter are clear communication, efficient filing and timely financial reporting. If you want to learn, we will show you under the hood.

How about a statement that makes sense?

We tailor financial statements to your business so they are straight-forward, comprehensive and relevant. Plus, we are here to answer all your questions in language that you can understand, for real.

Have no fear, timely corporate tax returns are here!

We’re your early bird, so you can skip the worm and move onto the bacon (veggie-style if that’s more your thing). With our on-time returns, you’ll know what you owe and where you stand. Again, we’ll walk you through the process if you’re keen to learn more.

Fruitful tax planning is here

Our optional tax planning provides a complete picture to maximize profits. Year-end is a fantastic time for reflection, visioning and making a big ol’ juicy plan. Let’s sit down and discuss your goals and future reality.

Let’s identify your next step

We love talking about business goals and strategy. We spend a lot (tons, tbh) of time with books, podcasts, articles, websites, experts, memes, TikToks; you get the point. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we would be thrilled to help streamline your business.

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