How we help

You own a small business, but it’s not small to you - or to us. Our mission at Avalon is to help entrepreneurs focus on success by providing great accounting and bookkeeping service and advice, no matter what your size.

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Bookkeeping. Keeping your books clean and tidy is our foundation. We built our system with people in mind. We use Xero, so your books are always up to date and accessible by you. We offer training and support or can take on the bookkeeping for you. Payroll set-up, bill paying, follow-up on receivables. We can do that too. Did we mention we are your accounting department?

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CFO (lite). What does success look like to you? We provide relevant information so you can measure your success and keep you accountable to your stated goals. We also happen to have some ideas on how to get you there.

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Accounting. We up the level of your reporting so you can tell what your business is really doing. Reporting that matters to you, CPA prepared year-end financial statements, tax returns and other tax filings as you need them. Not sure about what you need? That's what we're here for.

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Education. It's in our blood. We keep open lines of communication so we can answer your questions. We really truly love this stuff and want to make sure you feel confident in the information we provide. We won't just talk jargon at you, we promise.


Thriving with a small business is possible.