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We’re growing. Are you a match? If empathy and ingenuity align with your values and you’re passionate about the accounting world, let’s talk. Protip: a sense of humour is more important than a dress shirt here.

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Our values

They always ride shotgun and actively inform how we conduct business every day. We re-evaluate them from time to time so our approach is always fresh and relevant. Some say values-driven, we prefer "value-fuelled", "value-nourished" or "value-nutty"—whaddya think?


Yes, we do find our work exciting and compelling. We are caring numbers nerds and humans who genuinely want to further your success. We’ll be there for lean times too because it’s who we are and what we do.


Accounting has long been associated with cynicism and dryness—BOOOOO!!! (Avalonese for “we 400% reject that!”) Our lively enthusiasm for victory burns brighter and louder than old-school blah blah blah.

How we work

Smart technology for smarter insights

We use cloud technology to get to the game-changing insights faster. It keeps us up-to-date and accessible to our clients.

Proactive engagement and sincere curiosity

Mistakes, opportunities and challenges happen. We always address and manage the unanticipated openly with our team and clients. We welcome questions, other perspectives and thoughtful discussion.

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Remote work that suits you

Everyone, except Joe, works remotely (he’s at HQ at Kwench in Victoria). Work from home, a co-working space, on top of a mountain with suspiciously strong wifi—whatever floats your boat, we’ll support you to make it happen.

Work-life balance thrives here

Let’s all have fulfilling, fun lives outside of work. That means you, our clients and us. We encourage everyone to do great work and also kick back. A billion hours spent crunching numbers isn't really our jam.

Appreciation central

Appreciation is a language we speak fluently, so we’re always on the lookout for new ways to say thanks. Maybe a snack, a meal, a shoutout in our #kudos channel, and, ooh yeah, cold hard cash in the form of profit-sharing are just a few of the ways we.

Accountant travellingAccountants sitting at table

What’s your career path at Avalon?

Everyone’s aspirations are unique. What’s your happy place? Is it digging into the numbers, keeping projects organized, or focusing on client relationships? With us, these three core streams divide into bookkeeping and accounting, operations and production management, and client and team relationship management.

Benefits and perks

Because a rewarding workplace offers way more than donuts and Friday drinks.