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Dear Business Owner,
Are you drowning in the murky depths of financial uncertainty? 
Are you tired of feeling lost, powerless, and blindsided by numbers that make little to no sense?
You might find that you’re guessing when making important business decisions, unsure of how much money you're making or spending.
Running a business without a proper understanding of your finances is a one-way ticket to failure.
This all-too-common scenario is why we've built the Small Business Accounting Crash Course
You’ll get Avalon Accounting’s proven methods to simplify small business accounting so you can truly understand your numbers and take charge of your profits.
You’ll be empowered to make well-informed decisions to drive revenue and profit.
You’ll know exactly where your money is going so you can cut down on unnecessary expenses and start earning more as an owner.
We ‘ve helped hundreds of small business owners and taught them to find clarity in their numbers.
And we’ve distilled down the most important lessons into this course.
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What You'll Learn

Get Clear Financials

✅ Understand exactly what your financial statements mean
✅ Learn business wizard level financial statement analysis
✅ Know which key financial indicators you need to be targeting
✅ Learn from our real financials showing how we went from 👎 to 🤑 in one year

Increase Profits

✅ Get our simple outline for improving the bottom line of your business
✅ Learn how to measure true profit so your business becomes more valuable
✅ Understand what profit levels you should be targeting
✅ Get the most important lesson we learned to make Avalon profitable

Manage Cash Flow

✅ Gain insight into where your cash is going and how to get more of it, sooner
✅ Learn how to build and understand a cash flow statement
✅ Unlock the secrets of healthier cash flow with our actionable tips
✅ Learn why profit doesn't always mean cash in the bank and how to fix that

Owners Earn More

✅Master the key concept that will allow you to work less and earn more
✅Learn how much to pay yourself from your business
✅Understand why you need to pay yourself more than you do now

Reduce and Save Tax

✅ Expert methods to ensure you claim every tax deduction available
✅ Get our best advice for simplifying your accounting and reducing year-end costs
✅ Find out how to keep the tax-man happy if you're ever audited
✅ Learn our free bookkeeping process for small businesses and startups

Easy Bookkeeping

✅ Find out how to automate as much of your bookkeeping as possible
✅ Learn the most common problem we see with our clients' books and how to fix it
✅ Know when to do your own bookkeeping and when to hire someone to do it
✅ We teach you how to hire competent, reliable bookkeepers that won't ghost you or mess up your books

Bonus Course

Essential Financial Concepts
for Small Business Owners

Financial Concepts

✅ See exactly how we increased Avalon's profits by 345% in just one year
✅ Master Avalon's essential elements that drive business success
✅ Get the blueprint for making your business more profitable
✅ And much, much more!
Learn to build the business of your dreams.
One that provides you with time, money and purpose.
Time to pursue your interests.
Regardless of whether they’re in your business, on the golf course or traveling Europe eating all the food.
Money to provide you and your family with financial freedom……Or money to pay for all the golf, travel and wine.
And Purpose.
The ability to build a business that you love working in.
One that gives you a greater purpose. 
Purpose gained from truly helping your clients or coaching your team as they learn and grow.
We take you through our most valuable financial concepts that will help you on the journey to your dream business.
They’ve certainly helped us get WAY closer to our dream business.
The business that runs without needing Paul or Joe to be present for it to thrive (time).
The business that provides us with enough after-tax profit to be able to afford homes in Victoria BC (money).
And the ability to hire an amazing team and support them as they learn and grow (purpose).
Plus the freedom to create content like this course to help others create the business of their dreams (more purpose).
The most important financial concepts we've learned from years of building a profitable business.

We're Here to Help

We hear it from new clients all the time.
You run your business with a vague idea of how it's performing.
Your key performance indicator is the number in your bank account.
But, you’re not exactly sure how much money you’re bringing in.
Or how much you’re spending, or where most of your money is going.
That’s no way to run a successful business.
Then, at tax time, you send your accountant a bunch of information and you get some financial results for the year.
Only it’s 6 months later now and those numbers aren’t relevant anymore.
You meet with your accountant to review your financial statements.
But they don’t give you any helpful information that you can use to make decisions and grow your business.
This scenario is way too common.
But, we’re here to help 👋
This course teaches you how to get out of this cycle.It teaches you simple methods to gain insight into how your business is actually performing.
We’ve spent years working with hundreds of small business owners like you.
And condensed the most important bits of bookkeeping, accounting and financial reporting knowledge into this course.
It applies to small businesses of all types:
Retail businesses
🛒 Ecommerce businesses
💼 Professional businesses
💻 Digital agencies
🏥 Health service businesses
👷 Trades businesses
🏭 Manufacturing businesses
🏢 Real estate
🏨 Hospitality businesses
The products and services are different, but the key components are the same.
And you don’t need to just take our word for it.
Check out our Google reviews and what we’re known for.
And we know how to explain concepts to make them simple and easy to follow.
Take it from the hundreds of thousands of users that come to our website to learn about accounting and how to run a successful business.
Or the hundreds of thousands of viewers who learn from our YouTube Channel.
🏫 We’re passionate about education.
We speak in plain language and explain business accounting concepts in easy to follow steps and real-world examples.
📆 Start learning today.
There’s no better time than now to start learning.
Stop guessing at how well your business is doing and start getting accurate insights to improve results.
💰 What's the Price? - $299
We’re having a Spring Cleaning Sale.
We're offering a this course for $299 to help as many people as possible tidy their books and get a clear financial picture of the business.
That's a $100 reduction from our regular price for this course until June 30th.
⭐ 100% Money Back Guarantee
Plus, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase after completing the course,  and request a 100% refund.
We'll process your full refund within two business days.
We have no problem offering this guarantee because we know you’ll get a tonne of useful information from this course.
Our main goal is to help small business owners thrive and education is one of the ways that we aim to do that.
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