Float Credit Card Coupon Code

Paul Sharpe, CPA, CA
November 15, 2022

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We’ve partnered with Float Financial to help you get a $500 cashback when you sign up for a Float Business Visa using our referral link.

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Float Visa Coupon Code - $500 Cashback

The Float Business credit card is a prepaid Visa card that is tied with some pretty excellent “spend management” software.  

We’ve partnered with Float to help you get a $500 cashback when you sign up using our Float referral link and spend $25k on the card within the first 90 days.

Float Financial aims to help small businesses in Canada make corporate spending easier and more streamlined.  We use the float card in our business and it’s helped us streamline our expense reporting and department spend tracking.

What is Float Card?

Float Credit Card is provided by Canadian financial tech startup, Float Financial. The company aims to solve the challenges in corporate spending and its management. 

The solution they offer to businesses in Canada is a corporate credit card with integrated spend management software. This lets businesses allocate funds to credit cards and approve expenses even before the purchases are made.

Float Financial Logo

Credit cards can be virtual or physical. Float offers a free tier and a paid tier with additional features.

The free tier lets you access unlimited virtual cards and up to 5 physical cards while the premium tier unlocks unlimited physical cards.

The cards can each have custom credit limits, names or vendor restrictions. Plus, no personal guarantee is required to be approved for the Float cards.

Float Card UI

Float Business Credit Card Fees

Float Credit Card has two pricing tiers: Essentials and Professionals. 

Essentials Plan - Always Free

This basic plan is tailored for smaller businesses that have fewer physical cardholders (1-5) and that only require basic approval processes. 

Although the Essentials plan only provides a maximum of 5 physical cards, you can still set up unlimited virtual cards. Plus, it also includes Float's smart spend management software.

Professionals Plan - $99/month

The Professionals plan costs $99 per month plus tax. It includes management features that can be helpful for medium to larger-sized businesses. It has multiple transaction approval levels and unlocks an unlimited number of physical cards as well.

The Professionals plan features advanced spend management capabilities, including the ability to assign and manage cards over multiple teams. It also integrates with Slack and Netsuite.

As a bonus, the Professionals plan has a 60-day free trial so you can see if the extra features are worth the cost.

Float Card Pricing

Benefits of Using The Float Credit Card

Float Card is tailored for small businesses in Canada. This means that it has some cool features that personal credit card providers don’t usually offer:

Float Card Features

No Personal Credit Check

Because Float is not technically a debt product, no credit checks are required. This means an early-stage business can apply and get approved in as little as one business day.

Higher Spending Limits 

Since Float Visa cards operate on a prepaid model, you’re mainly limited by your business funds. As long as you’re able to fund your Float account, you can have a credit limit of up to $500,000.

In addition, your maximum limit per transaction is $100,000. This is useful not only for small, recurring purchases but also for high-value purchases.

Powerful Credit Card Management

Float’s corporate cards deliver a smarter way to supervise, track, report, and protect your company’s finances. 

  • Credit Limits - Set different credit limits for any given card.
  • Expiry Dates - Choose when virtual cards are set to expire.
  • Vendor Limits - Limit a card to be used only for a specific vendor or vendors.
  • Card Names - Include a card name, description, purpose, and tags for easier management.
  • Cardholder Requests - Card holders can request a top-up, limit increase or funding top-up through the web application or mobile app.
  • Multi-level Approval Workflows (Professionals plan) - The Professionals plan lets you create multi-level approval workflows compared to the Essentials plan’s single-layer approval workflows.  This allows you to set more than one approval requirement for large purchases.
  • Manage Teams (Professionals plan) - Create multiple teams and managers for better cost tracking and approval workflows.
  • Receipt Requirements - This lets you require cardholders to upload receipts through the app or via text when purchases are made.
  • Approval Notifications - Approvers will be notified of the requests via email (Essentials plan). The Professionals plan unlocks approval notifications via Slack
  • Spending Oversight - Monitor credit card activities through the Float software.

Create Virtual Credit Cards Instantly

Float lets you create as many virtual cards as you like in just a few clicks. Virtual cards are mainly for online subscriptions, one-off expenses, or other online transactions.

This feature can help you organize your online expenses in more detail. For example, you can assign a particular virtual card with a particular credit limit to a specific vendor. This can avoid overcharges on your credit card.

Float Card Integrations - Xero, QBO, and Netsuite

The Essentials plan includes Xero and QBO integrations, while the Professionals plan adds Netsuite to the list. If you're using Sage, Float can create custom transaction exports compatible to import into Sage.

No Foreign Exchange Fees

Really useful if your business requires frequent travel to other countries. It can be used to pay for the increasingly common USD software subscription fees. No extra foreign exchange cost.

Float Coupon Code Summary 

If you’re looking for a business credit card, check out Float Visa. It’s an excellent option compared to other credit cards that are mainly tailored for personal use.

Receive $500 cashback when you sign up to Float and spend $25,000 within the first 90 days of signing up. Sign up through this link and use our referral code AVALON500.

To learn more about Float, read our full and thorough Float Credit Card review here.

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Paul Sharpe, CPA, CA
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November 15, 2022
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