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Dear Canadian Freelancer,
Do you find bookkeeping and taxes confusing and stressful?
Do you dread doing your books and thinking about your taxes?
We hear it from Freelancers and self-employed business owners all the time.
📘 Their books are a mess.
❌ They don't know what expenses they can claim.
💸 And don't want to miss deductions and leave money on the table.
👮 Plus, there's always the fear of a CRA audit.
If this sounds like you, don’t worry, you’re not alone.
We’ve built this course just for you. 👋
🎓 Learn to simplify your books, claim all deductions and do your own taxes in less than 2 hours.
You’ll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to stop stressing and even enjoy the process 🤓.
(It’s true, we actually get that feedback a lot!)

What You'll Learn

Reduce Your Taxes

✅ Know exactly what you can deduct to minimize your taxes.
✅ Learn the top 7 things to watch out for to reduce your tax balance.
✅ Get our checklist to claim all available tax credits on autopilot.
✅ Avoid costly penalties and interest and get your taxes filed on-time.

Simplify Your Books

✅ Use AI to cut bookkeeping time in half!
✅ Get our template that's helped thousands simplify their books.
✅ Learn our best tips to stay organized and save time.
✅ Easily track your vehicle costs to deduct your car expenses.

Make Tax Filing Easy

✅Import your tax data to avoid errors and claim all tax credits.
✅Copy and paste from our template to complete your business tax return.
✅Understand M&E expenses to claim your business meals (yep, booze is included).
✅We also debunk the worst advice we hear about tax filing.

Avoid CRA Trouble

✅ Learn the most common expenses that CRA will red flag and why you should avoid claiming them.
✅ Get our simple system to keep your records organized and CRA happy.
✅ Know exactly when everything is due so you can avoid costly penalties.

We Also Show You

Our Most Frequently Answered Questions

We cover the most frequently asked questions we get from freelancers.

How to Pay Yourself

We explain exactly how to pay yourself from your business and how much you should be paying yourself.

How Much to Save for Taxes

We show you how to estimate your taxes and how much you should set aside to pay them.

When to Incorporate

We explain when you should consider incorporating your business to reduce your tax bill.

How Sales Taxes Work

✅ Learn how sales taxes work and when to register to avoid a costly mistake.
✅ Find out why registering  before it's required can save you thousands.
✅ Learn how to maximize your GST/HST credits to save even more money.
✅ We show you how to automate your filings using our bookkeeping template.

Maximize Cash Flow

✅ Learn how to get cash in the door faster with the right invoice setup.
✅ Collect every penny by properly tracking your receivables.
✅ Learn when and how to follow up if someone doesn't pay. Give yourself the best chance of collecting.

We're Here to Help

We see it all the time.

Freelancers try to cobble together their taxes from various bank accounts, spreadsheets and paper receipts.

When you go to an accountant for advice, they charge hourly at $250+ per hour. 

And if your records aren’t in order, that adds up quickly!

Most freelancers are completely in the dark when it comes to organizing their bookkeeping and dealing with their taxes.

This course will light your path like Gandalf’s staff in the Mines of Moria🧙‍♂️

You’ll learn Avalon’s proven methods to simplify your bookkeeping and make tax filings a breeze.

Thousands of people have benefited from our free bookkeeping template and tax filing processes.

⚒️ The system works for freelancers in any industry.

  • Web development and designers
  • Writers and editors
  • Digital marketers
  • IT and tech support freelancers
  • Consultants and business services
  • Photographers and videographers
  • Translation and interpretation providers
  • Online teachers and tutors
  • Virtual assistants

Just to name a few types of freelancers that we’ve helped.

👀 And you don’t need to just take our word for it.

Check out our Google reviews and what we’re known for.

And we know how to explain bookkeeping and tax concepts to make them simple and easy to follow.

Take it from the hundreds of thousands of users that come to our website to learn about accounting and how to run a successful business.

Or the hundreds of thousands of viewers who learn from our YouTube Channel

We’re passionate about education.

We speak in plain language and explain business accounting concepts in easy to follow steps and real-world examples.

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As a little bonus within this course, you’ll receive our exclusive promo code for a $500 sign-up bonus to our favorite, and truly modern business Visa card.

There’s no credit check needed and no cost to sign up.

It comes with integrated spend-management software, physical and digital credit cards and the ability to easily import transactions to your accounting system.

It’s the first Canadian business credit card that we actually recommend.

Take Control of Your Taxes

📆 Start learning today.

There’s no better time than now to start learning.

Stop guessing at how well your business is doing and start getting accurate insights to improve results.

💰 What’s the price? - $197

Why pay an accountant $500+ to file your taxes every year when you can learn a proven system and file for free forever!

You'll also get access to our exclusive $500 cash back offer to the best business credit card on the market.

⭐ 100% Money Back Guarantee

Plus, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase after completing the course, and request a 100% refund.

We'll process your full refund within two business days.‍

We have no problem offering this guarantee because we know you’ll get a tonne of useful information from this course.

Our main goal is to help small business owners thrive and education is one of the ways that we aim to do that.

👇 Click below to take control of your taxes

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What's Included In This Course

Bookkeeping and Taxes for Freelancers (AKA Self-Employed People)

Joe Collins, CPA, CA shares his expertise and years of experience helping small business owners to save time, lower taxes, reduce stress and grow their businesses.

✅Who This Course is For

If you're self-employed and aren't sure how to deal with your accounting and taxes, this course is for you.

  • Before You Start a Business - Get equipped with bookkeeping and tax knowledge that will help you start your business right. Start learning now to avoid the common mistake of ignoring your books until it's too late.
  • Newly Self-employed - We help freelancers get started on the right foot. Implement our best practices to simplify your bookkeeping and taxes and stay compliant with the CRA.
  • Small Business Owners / Freelancers - If you run a small business, this course can help you fix your books, simplify your financial processes and spend less time worrying about taxes.

Follow along the videos as Joe shares his experience, best practices and top tips.

This Online Course Covers

  1. Revenue and Income
  2. Expenses
  3. Sales Taxes
  4. How to Do Your Bookkeeping
  5. How to File Your Taxes

Plus, Joe answers some of the most common questions we get from freelancers and provides insight on how to level up your business.

Revenue and Income

In this section, Joe talks about how to ring the cash register and what to do once you've made some sales.

You'll learn:

  • How to prepare and send invoices
  • How to track payments
  • When to follow up on unpaid invoices, and
  • What to do if someone doesn't pay


Next up you'll get into the expense side of things where you'll learn all about what business expenses are, how to track them and how to claim all of your expenses to reduce your tax bill.

You'll learn:

  • What a business expense is
  • Which expenses are deductible
  • Details of claiming meals and entertainment
  • All about home office expenses
  • Claiming vehicle costs
  • Capital expenses, and
  • Best practices for keeping records of your expenses

Sales Taxes

In Canada, most businesses are required to register for sales taxes and collect them on behalf of the government.

Understanding exactly when you need to register and which taxes to charge is not a simple task.

You'll learn:

  • What sales taxes are
  • How GST/HST works and when to register
  • How PST/RST works and when to register
  • When and how to file your sales tax returns


Joe gets into some very practical guidance on how to efficiently do your bookkeeping.

He'll take you through our favorite bookkeeping process for freelancers.

You'll learn:

  • Bookkeeping basics
  • A walkthrough of our bookkeeping template
  • Recording revenue
  • Recording expenses
  • Recording home office expenses
  • Recording vehicle expenses
  • Reviewing your income statement
  • Other bookkeeping options

Filing Your Taxes

After bookkeeping comes filing your income taxes.  

Joe shows you how you can easily file your own tax return to save on filing fees and reduce your tax bill.

You'll learn:

  • How your taxes work and when to file them
  • Our favorite free tax filing software
  • Step-by-step guide to filing your own tax return
  • Finalizing and filing your return
  • How to file and pay your GST/HST return and balance owing
  • Top tax tips to watch out for
  • When you should consider hiring an accountant for your taxes

Frequently Asked Questions

Lastly, Joe gets into some of the most common questions that we're asked by freelancers and small business owners.

Joe answers the questions:

  • How do I pay myself?
  • How much should I pay myself?
  • How much should I set aside for taxes?
  • When should I incorporate?

100% Money-back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with your purchase after completing the course, just and request a refund.

We'll process your full refund within two business days, no questions asked.

We're confident that you'll transform your bookkeeping and get your taxes filed.

We can't wait for you to unleash the power of effortless bookkeeping, so please, click below to get started learning today.

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