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Paul Sharpe, CPA, CA

Essential Financial Concepts for Small Businesses

Essential financial concepts for building a business that provides owners with time, money and purpose.
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Essential Financial Concepts for Small Businesses

Dear Business Builder,

Would you like to build the business of your dreams?

One that provides you with time, money and purpose?

Time to pursue your interests.

Regardless of whether they’re in your business, on the golf course or traveling Europe eating all the food.

Money to provide you and your family with financial freedom…

…Or money to pay for all the golf, travel and wine.

And Purpose.

The ability to build a business that you love working in.

One that gives you a greater purpose. 

Purpose gained from truly helping your clients or coaching your team as they learn and grow.

Well, this course doesn’t give you those.

That would be pretty incredible.

BUT, it does explain some of Avalon’s most valuable financial concepts that will help you on the journey to your dream business.

They’ve certainly helped us get WAY closer to our dream business.

The business that runs without needing Paul or Joe to be present for it to thrive (time).

The business that provides us with enough after-tax profit to be able to afford homes in Victoria BC (money).

And the ability to hire an amazing team and support them as they learn and grow (purpose).

Plus the freedom to create free content like this course to help others build the business of their dreams (more purpose).

This course takes you through those essential concepts.

And shows you, with our actual financial information, how Joe and Paul applied them at Avalon.

In less time than it takes to watch two episodes of Ted Lasso (or maybe 1 long one at 1.5x speed),

You’ll learn:

  • The biggest lie that entrepreneurs tell themselves and why it’s killing their business
  • The biggest lie that entrepreneurs tell other business owners and how to cut through the BS
  • The key concept that will allow you to work less and earn more
  • How much to pay yourself in your business
  • Why you need to pay yourself more than you are now
  • The simple outline for improving your bottom line
  • How to measure true profit so that your business is valuable to you and potential buyers
  • What profit levels you should be targeting
  • Why profit doesn’t necessarily mean cash in the bank
  • Where the heck the cash went and how to get more of it, sooner
  • The most important lesson Joe and Paul learned about making Avalon profitable
  • A detailed look into Avalon’s financials and how we went from 😞 to 🙂 in one year (after 5 years of disappointing results)

We know what it’s like to struggle as business owners.

We were growing quickly but not seeing the profit that we had hoped.

We had little time to work on the business because we were too busy doing taxes and putting out fires.

This is super common and I’m sure you’ve experienced something like it too.

No time to work on the business means you’re building yourself a job, not necessarily a business..

You’re stuck in the cycle of doing the work and putting out the fires on repeat.

But, we’re here to help.

This course teaches you how to get out of that cycle.

It shows you a few simple concepts to help you move forward so you can work on the business.

We’ve spent years working on Avalon and helping hundreds of small business owners like you.

And condensed the most impactful lessons that we learned into this course.

And they apply to small businesses of all types:

  • Retail businesses
  • Ecommerce businesses
  • Professional service businesses
  • Digital agencies
  • Health service businesses
  • Trades businesses
  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Real estate
  • Hospitality businesses

The operations are different, but the key components are the same.

And you don’t need to just take our word for it.

Check out our Google reviews and what we’re known for.

And we know how to explain concepts to make them simple and easy to follow.

Take it from the hundreds of thousands of users that come to our website to learn about accounting and how to run a successful business.

Or the hundreds of thousands of viewers who learn from our YouTube Channel

We’re passionate about education.

We speak in plain language and explain business accounting concepts in easy to follow steps and real-world examples.

Bonus offer - $500 cash back

As a little bonus within this course, you’ll receive our exclusive promo code for a $500 sign-up bonus to our favorite, and truly modern business Visa card.

There’s no credit check needed and no cost to sign up.

It comes with integrated spend-management software, physical and digital credit cards and the ability to easily import transactions to your accounting system.

It’s the first Canadian business credit card that we actually recommend.

Start learning today.

There’s no better time than now to start learning.

Take a few steps towards building the business of your dreams.

What’s the price?

It’s free.

And always will be.

Plus you may just find an extra $500 in your pocket if you think the business credit card is worth checking out.

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