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Descript is an AI powered audio and video editing platform that allows you to edit your media the same way that you would edit a document.
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What Does Descript Do?

Descript allows you to edit audio or video content the same way that you would edit a word document.  Simply upload your file and let Descript transcribe it, then edit the transcription to edit the video or audio.

If you’re editing a podcast or other audio, Descript can cut your editing time down by automatically removing the ums, uhs and other filler words.  Descript is powered by AI to allow you to simply cut out the sections that you don’t want by clicking on the transcribed text and deleting that text.  

This works in the same way and just as well for video editing.  Descript has a fully functional multi-track editor that lets you add or edit the audio in your video, include animations or transitions and pretty much do everything you would expect from a video editor.  

Once you’re done editing, you can export your composition to a number of different file formats or you can export directly to many popular platforms like YouTube, Wistia, Podbean, and a bunch more.

Why We Love Descript

Descript speeds up our video and podcast editing process by automating a bunch of the work.  Cutting out the “ums”, “uhs” and “likes” with a couple clicks of the mouse.

We also love how easy and intuitive it is to use the editor.  As an accountant and not a video editor, I’ve found it super easy to learn.  I even enjoy editing our YouTube videos in Descript.

Descript has some really handy features like their voice overdub feature.  Overdub allows you to create a synthesized version of your voice.  You can dub over your video or audio recording by just typing words you want the computer to say in your voice.  It’s not perfect, but works well enough to quickly fix errors or add missed sections to your recording.

Another great feature is Descript’s “Studio Sound” effect that cleans up your audio recording. Even recording with just my webcam mic in an echo-prone room, I was able to make it sound like I recorded in a studio with much better equipment.  I highly recommend trying this out.

Use Cases for Descript

Anyone looking for a better way to edit audio or video should check out Descript. Some of the many use cases include:

  • Sales and Marketing - Add video and audio to your marketing toolbox.  Quickly edit videos for your website, YouTube or sales process.
  • Education - Descript makes editing tutorial videos and other educational content easy.
  • Communication - Descript has a built-in screen recorder that makes communicating with your team or customers more efficient. Instead of writing a 500 word email, send a quick screen share recording of you explaining the topic.

Descript Pricing

There are four tiers of pricing for Descript.


The free plan provides up to 3hrs of audio or video transcription, audio and video editing, unlimited screen recordings (up to 720p), overdub trial and studio sound. Video in the free version includes a Descript watermark.

Creator ($12 / Month)

The Creator plan is $12 per month per user.  It includes everything in the free plan plus 10 hours of transcription per month and a watermark-free video export.

Pro ($24 / Month)

The Pro plan is $24 per month per user.  It includes everything in creator plus:

  • 30 hours of transcription per month
  • Unlimited overdub
  • Filler words pro (remove filler words automatically)
  • Audiograms pro (create and export audiograms from your recording)
  • Publish Pro (publish video or audio up to 3 hours long)
  • Batch file export (export your projects by marker, paragraph break or full composition)
  • Custom drive and page branding

Enterprise (Custom)

The enterprise plan is for teams with ten or more users.  It includes everything in the pro plan plus:

  • Dedicated account rep
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Overdub Enterprise (Higher usage limits)
  • Descript Service Agreement (Use Descript’s service agreement to meet your needs)
  • Security Review (Ensure your organization’s security standards are met)
  • Invoicing (One centralized bill for all of your users)
  • Onboarding and Training

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