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Float business credit cards with spend management software simplify your corporate spending and give you cash back on every purchase.
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What Does the Float Visa Card Do?

The Float Visa Credit card is a prepaid business credit card provided by the Canadian Tech Startup Float Financial.  Float Financial has created this card to help small businesses in Canada make corporate spending easier and more streamlined.

Float’s integrated spend management software allows the finance team to create physical and virtual credit cards that can be used by the team.  These cards can have spend limits and can even be limited to purchases at a specific vendor.

The payment approval flow is seamless as it’s all done through the spend management software.  No more expense reports and reimbursing employees for things they’ve paid for with their own cards.

Float Credit Card Process

Why We Love Float

Float is finally a modern corporate credit card in Canada.  We love the flexibility and level of control that even small business owners can get using the integrated spend management software.

It also integrates with popular accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks and Netsuite to make the finance team’s lives much easier.

Float also offers a straightforward 1% cashback on all purchases which adds up surprisingly quickly with business spending.

And as an incentive, they’re offering $500 cash back once you spend $5k after signing up for Float.  Just use this link 👈 or the “Visit Site” button above and complete the 5 minute setup process.

With new businesses, it’s not always easy to get approved for a corporate credit card.  Because Float is a pre-paid Visa, it’s easy to apply and get approved without credit history.

Use Cases for Float Card

Float’s corporate Visa card is a great option for any small business in Canada that needs a corporate card.  

Replaces Expense Reports

It’s especially useful for businesses that use expense reports to reimburse employees for business expenses.  The finance team can order physical credit cards for the staff or create virtual cards.  Each card can have a specific credit or rules to make sure that purchases only happen when and where they should.

Early Stage Business

Float is a great choice for newly incorporated businesses.  Because it’s a prepaid credit card, no credit history is required to be approved.

Foreign Currency Purchases

Float Visa has no added FX fees and they’ve also recently come out with a USD Visa which is great for those businesses that have a lot of USD purchases.

The Float team are dedicated to bringing Canadian business owners a modern credit card and are continuously improving their offering.

Float Card Pricing

Float Credit Card has two available plans: Essentials and Professionals. 

Float Credit Card Pricing

Essentials Plan - $0/month

The Essentials plan is $0 per month. This basic plan is tailored for smaller businesses that  have fewer cardholders (1-5) and that only require basic approval processes. 

Although the Essentials plan only provides a maximum of 5 physical cards, you can still set up unlimited virtual cards.

Professionals Plan - $99/month

The Professionals plan has a 60-day free trial and costs $99 per month plus tax after the trial ends.

This plan works well for medium to larger-sized enterprises that need more than five physical cards and that require multiple transaction approval levels.

The Professionals plan features advanced spend management capabilities that are not available in the Essentials plan such as multi-level approval workflows and the ability to assign and manage cards over multiple teams.

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