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Humi offers a solid cloud-based payroll system and integrates its excellent HR modules to suit Canadian businesses of all sizes.
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What Does Humi Do?

Humi, a Toronto-based company founded in 2016, offers an online payroll software application that integrates with their other HR related products.  

It provides the core functions of a payroll system plus other advanced HR features that suit smaller, owner managed businesses all the way up to larger organizations with multiple owners and many employees.

With Humi Payroll, you’ll get access to automatic CRA remittances, automatic T4s and ROEs, complete payroll history, records and reporting, employee self-service, and direct deposit. 

You can also run custom pay bonuses, multi-province payroll, and multiple concurrent compensation types.

Offering an integrated payroll system along with Humi’s other services provides an all-in-one HR solution for Canadian businesses.

Why We Love Humi

Humi is an excellent choice for businesses that want an HR solution that is integrated with payroll processing. 

All-in-One HR Platform

Humi aims to provide everything HR-related. From recruitment to employee performance monitoring, Humi’s got it covered. It also has an employee benefits module and a business insurance solution.

Caters to Different Business Sizes and Needs

Humi’s offering is customizable and can suit Canadian businesses of all sizes. As your business grows, Humi can still provide the tools that it needs.

Straightforward User Interface

Humi’s user interface is well designed. It is user friendly and presents a clean layout while still including a lot of information and different modules.

Humi UI

Use Cases for Humi

Humi Payroll is made for Canadian businesses of all sizes. 

What we like the most about Humi is its all-in-one integration of payroll plus HR solutions. This also means that businesses with large teams can make the most of Humi’s features.

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Humi is used by a diverse group of businesses and is a great choice if you’re looking for payroll, HR and benefits management all under one roof.

We use Humi for our own HR platform as well as employee benefits.  It’s our top choice for a combined payroll and HR solution.

Humi Pricing

Humi charges a monthly base price of $49 in addition to the Core module which costs $6 per user per month. 

The Core module includes company and employee management tools but not including the Payroll module. 

Humi has several other modules that could help you with your HR needs. 

Here is the pricing for the various modules:

  • Base Fee - $49/mo
  • Core - $6/mo per User (Required Module)
  • Payroll - $6/mo per User
  • Time Off - $5/mo per User
  • Performance - $3/mo per User
  • Scheduling and Time Tracking - $4/mo per User
  • Recruiting - $99/mo

You can find a Humi cost calculator and pricing information here.

Humi Pricing

For example, a business with 10 employees using:

  • Core
  • Payroll
  • Time Off 
  • Performance 

The cost would be $249 per month.  

That covers payroll and all things HR (time off, employee onboarding, performance reviews, employee training, benefits, etc.).

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