Ownr is an online platform to register or incorporate a new business, create legal agreements, manage corporate documents and more.
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What Does Ownr Do?

Ownr can help you register a new business (sole proprietorship or corporation) or manage the administration of an existing corporation.

  • Incorporate Your Business - Incorporate your business with Ownr using their online platform and for much less than incorporating through a lawyer.
  • Register a Sole Proprietorship - Ownr also allows you to register your business as a sole proprietorship in minutes.
  • Manage Corporate Documents - Store and manage your minute book, handle annual filings and resolutions, manage corporate directors and keep track of all corporate documents in one place.

Why We Love Ownr

Ownr is a great way to incorporate a business in Canada.  It is a guided DIY option for incorporation that is much cheaper than using a lawyer.

We also love that it allows you to manage your corporate minute book and documents online all in one place.  Accessing all of your information online from anywhere can be a real time saver when you need to provide documents to the bank or CRA.

Using Ownr to incorporate your business is also much quicker than going through a lawyer.  You can incorporate in a matter of minutes and do so on your own schedule.

Use Cases for Ownr

We recommend Ownr for business owners who are looking to incorporate their business, but don’t need an overly complex corporate structure.

For owner managed businesses with a single or a few shareholders, Owner works really well.

The main caveat is that if you’re unsure of the legal or tax considerations, it’s important to reach out to an accountant and/or a lawyer before completing the incorporation process.

Ownr Pricing

Ownr’s pricing depends on where you’re located and what service(s) you’re using.

  • Incorporation in Alberta - $599 plus tax
  • Incorporation in BC - $699 plus tax
  • Incorporation in Ontario - $599 plus tax
  • Federal Incorporation - $499 plus tax
  • Managed Corporation (Documents etc.) - $599 per year
  • Sole Proprietorship Registration - $89 plus tax

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