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Scribe lets you create process documentation while you work. Automatically create a visual guide, ready to share with the click of a button.
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What Does Scribe Do?

Scribe helps you create step-by-step visual guides and share them with the click of a button.

Just turn Scribe on and go about completing a digital task or process.  Scribe follows you as you work and automatically creates a process document out of it.  With Scribe, creating how-to guides or process documentation is a snap.

Scribe is simple to use. There are just a few steps and you’ll have an awesome process doc.

Step 1 - Capture Your Process

Turn the Scribe recorder on and then just carry on with whatever it was you were doing.

Scribe will capture that whole process for you to review and edit before finalizing.

Scribe Process Documentation

Step 2 - Your Guide is Automatically Generated

Scribe has followed along and noted when you’ve taken any actions on the page.

Once you’ve completed your task, Scribe will show you the automatically created step-by-step guide that it created. 

Scribe Process Documentation

Step 3 - Edit and Customize Your Guide

Next you can edit or customize the guide that Scribe has created.  

Round out the guide by adding or editing the details.  Add screenshots, text or custom branding before publishing the guide to be shared.

Scribe Process Documentation

Step 4 - Share Your Process Document

Once you’ve edited your process document all that’s left is to share it.  You can copy the link and embed it or share it anywhere or export to PDF to print or share electronically.

Scribe Process Documentation

Why We Love Scribe

Capturing processes is not a particularly fun activity but it is SO important if you want to build a business that can scale.

Once you have your processes documented, you can start to delegate tasks and then work on other important things to move your business forward.

Scribe makes building really great process documents enjoyable and much faster than manually pasting screenshots into a Google Doc for example.

We also love that the process documents that we create with Scribe are so easy to follow because they show a visual representation of what needs to be done.

I get a lot of people asking for edit access to our bookkeeping template so I took 17 seconds and created this Scribe to show how to create your own copy to edit.

So easy!

Use Cases for Scribe

When I heard about Scribe and what it does, my brain kept thinking of all the different ways that it could be used.  Here are a few great use cases for Scribe.

Showing Clients How to Do Things

Our bookkeepers support a group of clients with bookkeeping tasks.  Often we need to show people how to do things in some of the bookkeeping or payroll software that we use.

Scribe creates a permanent record of a demonstration that can be saved in our client’s folder or client portal.  Then they can go back to that demonstration anytime they like.

Implementing New Technology

We work with a LOT of different types of software.  While a lot of it is pretty intuitive, there is always a need for process documentation for new software.

As we implement new technology or software, we can keep a library of “how to” Scribes as a permanent reference.

Onboarding Customers

Scribe can help with customer onboarding by creating step-by-step guides to answer all of those “how do I…” type of questions.

Make scheduling easier and save everyone’s time by using Scribe in place of on-demand training sessions or video calls.

Documenting Workflows

If you or your team are keeping all of the process information in their head, it’s going to be difficult for new hires to take over or have someone cover for a vacation.  

Documenting workflows with Scribe allows processes to be saved in one place and available in case a new person takes over permanently or for vacation coverage.

This is just to name a few - there are all sorts of ways that small businesses can benefit from Scribe.

Scribe Pricing

Scribe offers a simple pricing structure with three tiers:

  • Basic Plan - Free Access
  • Pro Plan - $23 USD per month
  • Enterprise Plan - Custom Pricing
Scribe Pricing

Here’s a breakdown of the features offered under each pricing tier.

Scribe Pricing Tiers

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