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Square offers customizable POS systems built for businesses of all sizes. Square is user friendly, flexible and feature-packed.
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What Does Square Do?

Square was established to give every business owner an easier way of taking card payments. Their point of sales system is one of the best in the industry and offers systems and tools for businesses of all sizes.

You’ve probably used a Square POS system as a customer. If you’re at a retail store or restaurant, you’ve probably seen it as the white tablet with the Square logo that swivels towards you.

As a business owner, Square lets you accept payments in person or online with their flexible point of sale system and payment portal.

Why We Love Square

Square is one of the most user friendly POS systems that we’ve worked with both on the customer side and seller side.  

The terminals look great and make payment processing quick and easy.  The system will even remember purchasers’ email addresses so they can receive their receipt by email in one touch of the screen.

Square truly has offerings for businesses of all sizes. From their iPhone or Android chip reader for solopreneurs selling at marketplaces to their full featured Square register, every business will find a POS system that suits their needs.

The back-end and reporting abilities are also excellent and easy to use. 

Square dashboard

You can also integrate Square with popular accounting software like Xero or QBO to make your accountant’s life easier!

On top of the POS system, Square offers a number of other services to serve businesses. Add on their integrated ecommerce platform to transform your bricks and mortar business into an online store.

Use Cases for Square

Square’s philosophy is to provide payment solutions for businesses of all sizes and the POS system really does that.

Some common business types that use Square include:

  • Retail - Square provides all the retail tools you’ll need, from open to close and in-store or online.
  • Food and Beverage -  Square POS provides tools for the front of house, back of house, inventory management, staff management and much more.
  • Professional Services - Professional service businesses like beauty, health, repair and others use Square POS systems.
  • Large Businesses - Square’s API allows large enterprises to build scalable and secure payment solutions for their needs. 

Square Pricing

Square POS systems have varying costs to purchase the hardware and their transaction fees that are competitive with the industry standard.

Square POS Systems

The POS hardware ranges in price depending on what you need. 

  • Free Card Reader - Solopreneurs can get started with with a free card reader for mobile phones.
  • Add Tap or Chip-in - From the free card reader, you can add a tap or chip-in reader for $59
  • Square Stand - Get a square stand and use your iPad to run a POS for $249.
  • Square Register - If you want the full system, you can go with the Square register for $899

Transaction Fees

Square transaction fees are in line with the industry standards.

  • Major Credit Cards - Per transaction fees of 2.65% plus $0.10 per transaction
  • Keyed-in Transactions - Keyed-in transactions are 3.4% plus $0.15 per transaction
  • Online Transactions - Online transaction costs are 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction

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