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Tally is a modern form builder that works like creating a doc. It makes form building easy and offers tons of powerful features for free.
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What Does Tally Do?

Collect any type of data by building forms in Tally and then sharing your form by embedding it online, via email or any way someone can click a link.

Tally integrates with a number of different platforms so you can collect and use the data in whatever manner suits your needs.  Import data automatically into a database like Airtable or a Google Sheet.  Then build reports or processes to use that information in your business.

We’ve used Tally to gather client information for onboarding as well as send surveys to our team internally.

Building forms in Tally is as easy as typing in a word document.  Just hit the “/” key and then choose what type of field you would like to include in your form.  

Why We Love Tally

Tally is an intuitive, slick way to build forms for your business.  It provides for free what most other form builders include only in their premium tiers.

Tally is quickly becoming our favorite form builder with its excellent features.

  • Unlimited usage - unlimited number of forms, submissions, views, questions, and more.
  • Integrations - connect popular apps to help streamline your data collection.
  • Payments - Tally lets you accept payment submissions without limits. 
  • Custom branding - add your own logo and remove the Tally branding in the Pro plan.
  • File upload - form responders can upload files up to 10 MB. Upgrading to the Pro plan removes the file size limit.
  • Partial submissions - get access to unfinished forms in the pro plan.

Tally also takes a bit of a different approach to form building that works like editing a text document. Check out this video for a demo.

Once you get the hang of it (that takes about 5 minutes), this method is quicker and easier to use than some of the other drag and drop options.

Use Cases for Tally

There are so many different ways that business owners can make use of Tally. Here are just a few common examples.

  • Sales and Marketing - Gather information on your website from potential customers.
  • Employee Surveys - Survey your team to see how things are going or even just things like where they want to go for the monthly team outing.
  • Customer Surveys - See how your customers feel about your business and the services that you’re providing by sending a quick customer satisfaction survey.
  • Job Applications - Easily accept job applicants by creating an application process within Tally.  No need for expensive HR software - just integrate Tally with Google Sheets or another database to track your applicants.
  • Gather Info from Clients - If you’re onboarding new clients or need to collect information from existing clients, just send them a form using Tally.
  • Event Registrations - Collect event registrants with a Tally form.

Tally Pricing

There are two tiers of pricing for Tally.


The free plan gives you most of the features that Tally offers. It’s a really impressive offering.

Tally Pro ($29 per Month)

The Pro plan is relatively inexpensive at $29 per month and provides a few extra features.

  • Team Collaboration - Add multiple users and workspaces for team collaboration.
  • No Commission Payments - Collect payments with a 0% commission fee.
  • Email Notifications to Respondents - Automatically send fully customizable email notifications to you and your respondents.
  • Remove File Upload Limits - Removes the 10 MB file size upload limit to receive larger files from respondents.
  • Custom Branding - Remove the Tally branding and add your own.
  • Access to Partial Submissions - capture unfinished forms for data gathering.
  • Analytics Integrations - Access to Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics integrations.
  • Custom CSS - for businesses that want to have full control of the form design. Allows your web developer or coder to customize forms using code.

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