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Wagepoint is a small business payroll software application that makes it easy to pay everyone and stay on top of your payroll taxes too.
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What Does Wagepoint Do?

Wagepoint is a standalone payroll software application for Canadian businesses.  

Wagepoint Payroll

The web-based platform allows you to automate your whole payroll system. It lets you manage payments to employees and contractors, maintain compliance with tax remittances, and provide year-end reports. It also integrates with QuickBooks and Xero to streamline your accounting.

Wagepoint automates all payments by providing direct deposit to employee bank accounts and payroll remittances sent automatically from your business account. You can also set up automatic worksafe payments if you want to go that route.

Check out our article on how to set up and run payroll using Wagepoint for more details on how it works.

Why We Love Wagepoint

Wagepoint is easy to use, reasonably priced and the customer support is second to none. It is for these reasons that Wagepoint is our favourite payroll software in Canada.

Easy to Set Up and Use

Wagepoint is easy to set up and running payroll is as simple as following a 5-step wizard to enter payroll amounts and confirm before processing.  

The user interface is simple and easy to follow. Even less tech savvy users can navigate through the different sections of the software easily.

Wagepoint user interface

Excellent Customer Support

We have years of experience working with Wagepoint and can attest to the excellent customer service.  We get to know the customer service reps by name and they are most often wonderful to work with. 

Straightforward and Reliable

The software is reliable and straightforward enough to use that you’ll minimize costly payroll errors.  As long as you process payroll on your regular schedule, you shouldn’t have any issues with late payments or payroll remittances. 

Dedicated Employee Portal

Wagepoint provides employees with a dedicated employee portal that they can use to update their information, view pay stubs and access T4s.

This makes for a good employee experience as they are in charge of their information and always have access to their historical reports.

Wagepoint employee portal

Integrates with Accounting Software

Wagepoint integrates with popular accounting software like Xero and QBO so you can record your pay runs with the click of a button.

Use Cases for Wagepoint

Small businesses in Canada can pay employees and contractors using Wagepoint.  

Wagepoint also offers time tracking and time off modules so employees can record their hours and request time off.

Small Business Payroll

Wagepoint is a great option to make running payroll easier for small businesses.  We’ve used Wagepoint with hundreds of clients from a single employee company to businesses with over 50 employees and more than $10 million in revenue.

Paying Contractors

Wagepoint is also a great tool to pay contractors.  Just set them up in Wagepoint and run or schedule payruns for the pay schedule that works best.

Wagepoint also automates the T4A preparation process for contractors so you’re not left struggling to gather the necessary information every February.

Automate Worksafe Payments

Wagepoint also lets you automate your worksafe payments so that you contribute the appropriate amount each pay period.  This helps eliminate late payment interest and keeps those worksafe bills from being a surprise each year.

Prepare and File T4s

Wagepoint automates the T4 preparation and filing process.  All you have to do is review the T4s that Wagepoint generates and they’ll automatically be filed on-time.

Wagepoint Pricing

Wagepoint’s pricing is fairly straightforward with a base fee per pay run plus $2 per employee per pay run.

For example:

  • Pay 1 employee,  the cost is $20 base fee + $2 = $22
  • Pay 2 employees, the cost is $20 base fee + $4 = $24
  • Pay 12 employees, the cost is $20 base fee + $24 = $44

There are also optional add-ons that can be helpful if you’re looking for time-tracking or employee time-off management:

Track - Time-tracking application

  • $20/mo for 1 to 6 active users
  • $3/mo per active user once you reach 7 or more users
  • Employees enter their time via a responsive web app
  • Track and import employee hours

Luna - Paid time-off management

  • $20/mo for 1 to 6 active users
  • $3/mo per active user once you reach 7 or more users
  • Only available for employees who use Track
  • Monitor and approve time off requests

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