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Ownr Coupon Code - 20% Off

Paul Sharpe, CPA, CA
August 1, 2022

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Ownr Coupon Code 2022
20% off + $300 Cashback

We’ve partnered with Ownr to help you get 20% off incorporation costs when you use our Ownr referral link 👈

Incorporating your business in Canada can be a challenging and expensive process.

Ownr is here to change all of that and make incorporating your business easy and cost effective.

If you’re looking to incorporate your business in British Columbia, Ontario or Alberta, check out Ownr’s simple and inexpensive incorporation process.

Ownr Coupon Code - 20% Off

Additionally, you can receive $300 back if you open an RBC business bank account after incorporating (see details here).

What is Ownr?

Ownr is a Canadian business backed by RBC Ventures Inc. Ownr provides a platform that allows business owners to incorporate a business, register a sole proprietorship and manage their corporate documents all in one online location.

Use Ownr to set up a sole proprietorship or a corporation in a matter of minutes.

How Much Does Ownr Cost?

Incorporating or registering your business with Ownr is reasonably priced, especially when compared with the alternative of hiring a lawyer.

Cost of Incorporating with Ownr

The cost of incorporation depends on your location.

  • Provincial Incorporation in British Columbia - $699 + Tax
  • Provincial Incorporation in Alberta - $599 + Tax
  • Provincial Incorporation in Ontario - $599 + Tax
  • Federal Incorporation in Ontario - $499 + Tax 

Federally incorporating your business using Ownr is currently only available for businesses in Ontario.

The one-time incorporation fee includes incorporation and filings with the government, company name registration, share issuances, and access to the online minute book for one year.

‍If you’re incorporating and you choose the managed corporation plan, you’ll save $100 on the initial incorporation fee.

Cost of Registering a Sole Proprietorship with Ownr

Registering a sole proprietorship with Ownr costs $89 + tax.  This includes unlimited business name searches, business registration number, business registration documents and business document storage.

How to Incorporate Your Business with Ownr

Check out this video tutorial and/or follow the steps below!

  1. Use our Ownr coupon code and Receive 20% off - Use our Ownr referral link here to navigate to Ownr and receive 20% off Ownr’s fees.
  2. Get Started Now - Click the “Get Started Now” button to begin your incorporation.
  3. Choose Your Location - Let Ownr know where you’re located by choosing Canada and your applicable province. Ownr is currently only available in BC, AB an ON.
  4. New or Existing Business - Choose between registering a new or existing business.
  5. Choose a Business Structure - Choose whether you want to create a corporation or a sole proprietorship. If you’re not sure which is right for you, check out our article here.
  6. Choose a Name - Choose whether you want a numbered company or a named company. If you want a named company, you can do a preliminary check to see if the name you want meets the legal requirements of a corporation in your location.
  7. Create an Ownr Login - Enter your information to create an Ownr account.
  8. Add Your Account Information - Enter your contact info and some information about your business like what industry its in and what you want the year-end to be.
  9. Add Directors and Officers - Tell Ownr if you will be managing the business by yourself or if you would like to add some other managers or directors. You’ll be prompted to enter the information of the other managers and owners if you have any.
  10. Choose a Plan - Choose whether you want to incorporate only, or if you want to use the Managed Corporation Plan as well. See here for what the managed corporation plan includes.
  11. Pay - Enter your credit card information and submit payment
  12. Name Reservation and Finalize - Once you’ve paid, Ownr will do a search to make sure you can reserve your corporate name before finalizing and submitting your application.

Get $300 Cashback After Incorporating with Ownr

Once you’ve incorporated, you can receive up to $300 cashback when you open an RBC Business Bank Account through Ownr (see details here).

Open an RBC Business bank account within 60 days and you can receive up to $300 back depending on province of incorporation.

If you registered a sole proprietorship, you can expect the full $89 registration fee back if you use this offer.

You’ll need to keep the RBC bank account open for at least one year if you want to take advantage of this offer.

To claim the offer, log into your Ownr account and click the “refund me” button in your dashboard.

Ownr $300 cash back

Other Perks of Using Ownr

Ownr has other brand partners that can help your save money.


Ownr will help you get 50% off for the first three months of our favorite accounting software subscription.

‍QuickBooks Online

Some people prefer Quickbooks to Xero and that’s ok too!  Ownr will save you 75% on the first three months of QuickBooks Online subscription


Save 20% on smartphone plans when activate or renew your plan.


If you’re in the market for some business cards, Vistaprint is a decent place to get them quickly and at a reasonable cost. Ownr has partnered with Vistaprint to help you save an additional 20% on you first Vistaprint order.


1Password is a great platform to help secure your business passwords and protect your data. Ownr has partnered with 1Password to get your first three months free when you sign up through Ownr perks.

There are lots more perks you can find when you incorporate with Ownr

Ownr Perks

Ownr Coupon Code Summary 

If you’re looking to incorporate, check out Ownr. It’s a great alternative to hiring a lawyer or going the full DIY route.

You can save 20% on incorporating with Ownr using Avalon’s referral link here.

To learn more about Ownr, read our full and thorough Ownr review here.

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Paul Sharpe, CPA, CA
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August 1, 2022
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