Best of the Newsletter: April 2019

Here’s the best of the newsletter from April 2019. I learned that people really like to hear about tax stuff from accountants (who knew?). Stats included in Open/Click through/Unsubscribe rates, so you know.

In April I sent out 4 1/2 newsletters:

April 1: Avalon pivots!: (70.5%/0%/0%) My attempt at an April Fool’s day gag got a couple people (didn’t think it would do that!) Hence, the follow-up explainer!

April 8: Tax on Split Income (TOSI): (58.4%/21.5%/0%) Canada’s new tax laws on Small Businesses have been in effect for over a year now and Paul explained it all here.

April 15: Financial Statement Basics (61.5%/9.5%/1.4%) I explained why reading your income statement by itself is pretty dangerous and linked to my article about financial statement basics here.

April 22: Easter Monday plus I didn’t have anything smart to say, so I skipped it.

April 29: Financial Foundations Guide (54.2%/13.5%/0%): I wrote a guide about the foundational financial concepts that every entrepreneur should know, so gave the Newsletter subscribers a sneak peak of the almost-complete version.

That’s a wrap. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter and get a weekly (no bullshit) email from me, please subscribe below.